5 You May Have Missed – Holiday Job Search

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Most folks consider the time between Thanksgiving and New Years a wasteland for job hunting.  Last week, my own sister told me “no one is interviewing, no one is hiring”.  I find this amusing because today she told me that her husband was being flown out to the west coast for a job interview either next week or the following.

Even if you aren’t getting a job offer, that doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity out there.  Here are a few articles you may have missed on how to use the holidays to your advantage in your job search:

Don’t Ignore the December Recruiter via The Ladders reminds you to be available when the phone rings.

Great Resumes Fast gives advice on Keeping Your Job Search on Track During the Holidays

AvidCareerist gives insight into what my possibly be The 38 Best Holiday Gifts for Job Seekers as gleaned from the November 26th #HireFriday #HFchat on Twitter.  So just in case you haven’t mailed your letter to the north pole, you can always email the link or bookmark it on the computer of someone you love.

Keppies Careers offers you not only some Holiday Networking advice, but there’s a present as well – a free e-book download.

And good news from the Huffington Post it seems that there is An Early Gift: More Companies Beginning to Hire.


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