Keep the Gray Matter Going – Become a Business Advisor

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The RTP Business Advisors Connection (RTP BAC) provides local businesses needing assistance (e.g. Finance, Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, IT, Project Management, etc.) with access to experienced professionals willing to offer their skills and time for minimal costs / alternative compensation.

Businesses seeking assistance can contact RTP BAC by sending an e-mail to providing a description of the assistance requested (including timeframe) and your contact information. The RTP BAC leader will post your request to the RTP BAC group and interested group members will respond directly to you.

Alternatively, businesses can scan the profiles of RTP BAC group members and send an e-mail directly to a member. Please include “RTP BAC Request” in the subject line of the e-mail.

RTP BAC members are independent contractors – agreements between the business and the RTP BAC member related to the scope of the project and the compensation are outside the purview of the RTP BAC.

Experienced professionals wishing to join RTP BAC not only request to join the Group but also need to have a recommendation from an existing RTP BAC member. The person supplying the recommendation should send an e-mail to with the name of the person he/she is endorsing.

The RTP Business Advisors Connection connects on Linked In through the group The RTP Business Advisors Connection Group.   By joining the group on Linked in you will be able to keep current with projects the group is involved with.  The RTP Business Advisors Connection meets twice monthly immediately following the TAFU meeting at the Carolina Cafe and Bakery in Cary, at the corner of Weston Parkway and Harrison Avenue.


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